HeartCloud for Health Practices 

Digital Health, Built By Physicians, for Physicians


Remote Monitoring

Use data from a patient's Apple Watch and other digital health devices.

Enhanced Telehealth

Visualize patient health data during secure video calls with your patients.

Increase Revenue

Integrated billing and coding to maximize revenues.

How It Works

Measurements from home-based and wearable devices

Apple Watch Apple Watch
Glucometer Glucometers
Blood Pressure Cuff Blood Pressure Cuffs
Blood Pressure Cuff Pulse Oximeters

are funneled through our mobile appto our secure cloud servers

. . . and are used by the clinician via
HeartCloud for Health Practices


Why It Matters

TBD See a more complete view of your patient’s health with data from outside the office
TBD Improve efficiency in diagnosis and treatment by seeing the data as you’re talking with the patient
TBD Readings are actually collected because our approach demands minimal patient effort
TBD Find the key information you need, depending on clinical context with our curated tools
TBD Formulate data-driven assessments and decisions
TBD Patient satisfaction grows with the attention provided in the HeartCloud experience
TBD Provide best-in-class care, without the business tasks getting in the way with our clinician-driven workflows
TBD Increase your practice’s revenue with optimized billing codes and new subscription products