HeartCloud For Health Practices

A turnkey solution for medical practices to offer and monetize digital healthcare services

Remote Monitoring Programs

An integrated solution to launch an RPM program using cellular-enabled blood pressure cuffs, Apple Watch, and more

Cellular Devices

FDA-approved, cellular-enabled blood pressure cuffs and weight scales simplify and improve patient use
Pre-configured with a patient's HeartCloud account
Ships to your practice or the patient's home
Works out of the box, without a phone or app
Readings upload automatically
Set thresholds and receive alerts
We handle support

Scalable RPM Revenue

Automate billing cycle tracking, claim generation, and more

Widely-Used Devices

Blue Apple Watch Series 6 with yellow 1 and 6 minute walk test buttons Compatible with any device that uses Apple Health
Withings BPM Connect Pro Compatible with Withings, Pylo, Dexcom, Qardio, +more


+ Digital Health Data At The Same Time

Concierge Billing

A turnkey solution for handling membership fees, prices, charging patients, receiving payouts, and more

Interactive Visualizations

Customizable charts facilitate effective remote care

Rating Scales

Integrated standard psychiatric rating scales

Data Sharing

Secure, mutual consent access toa patient's HeartCloud account data

Medical Records

Access medical records from other providers

Automated Monitoring

Needles in haystacks