How It Works

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    Our platform is compatible with:

    Blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and sleep mats, each with built-in cellular connectivity. No app. No WiFi. No Bluetooth. No additional complexities for patients.
    Prescribed glucometers (Dexcom or FreeStyle Libre 2/3)
    Consumer-grade devices like the Apple Watch or Whoop bands
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    Outside of a doctor's office, patient physiologic measurements are a better reflection of reality. To help get this data to a clinician, and to help patients take readings on at least 16 out of 30 days for billing purposes, our platform focuses on reliable, automatic uploading.

    16/30 Days
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    Whether through event-driven notifications or beautiful, interactive, searchable charts and tables, patient data is always at your fingertips and can be presented from one or several devices in discrete readings or day-to-day, week-to-week, or month-to-month trends

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    Billing and Payment

    Every billing cycle, our platform automatically generates full health insurance claims and PDF attachments from each patient's uploaded readings. This saves hours of time, produces always-accurate documentation, and yields faster reimbursements.


Richly informative, real-world health data made easy for
patients to use and for practices to deploy

4G cellular-enabled blood pressure cuffs: Withings BPM Connect Pro and Pylo PY-802-LTE

Blood Pressure

SDP, DBP, Pulse Rate, Irregular Heart Rhythm Detection

FDA 510K Clearance: K202891

4G cellular-enabled weight scale: Pylo PY-300-LTE


Ideal for remote patient monitoring and and perioperative care

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

Our platform is fully compatible with every category of health data collected by the Apple Watch's sensors or stored in a patient's Health app on their iPhone.

FDA 510K Clearances: K212516, K213971, K201525

4G cellular-enabled Withings Data Hub with Sleep Mat

Sleep Mat

Sleep stage duration (REM, Deep, Core), snoring time, heart and respiratory rate, breathing disturbances, in/out of bed tracking, and more

FreeStyle Libre 2 Glucometer

FreeStyle Libre

Compatible with the FreeStyle Libre 2 and 3. clinicians can see discrete measurements, time out of range, trends, and even see glucometer data in the context of Apple Watch-measured sleep and exercise time.

Glucometers: Dexcom G6, FreeStyle Libre 2


Compatible with the Dexcom G5, G6, and G7. Clinicians can see discrete measurements, time out of range, trends, and even see glucometer data in the context of Apple Watch-measured sleep and exercise time.


Patient Readings Automatically Upload To Their HeartCloud Account
Built-In 4G LTE. No. Smartphone Required.
  • Blood Pressure Cuff
  • Weight Scale
  • Sleep Mat
  • Cellular Apple Watch
Built-In Device Ordering, Package Tracking, and Delivery Confirmation
Devices Shipped Pre-Configured With A Patient's HeartCloud Account
Our Dedicated Customer Support Team Handles:
  • Patient Device Setup and Education
  • Device Troubleshooting
  • Patient Portal Use
  • Apple Watch Setup

Core Features

Remote Patient Monitoring | Remote Therapeutic Monitoring

Cellular signal bars increasing in height from left to right in green gradient

Automatic Uploading

Whether over cellular-enabled devices or auto-syncing from Apple Health, our platform facilitates getting a patient's doctor access to their digital health readings quickly and reliably

Screenshot of title + sections 1 and 2 CMS-1500 form

Auto-Generated Claims and More

Prepared claims and RPM documentation can be generated, on-demand, and at anytime for any billing cycle.

Screenshot of title + sections 1 and 2 CMS-1500 form

Integrated Billing

Claims and claim attachments generated on-demand from patient data

Hypertensive crisis alert notification


Configure patient-specific alerts (SMS or Push Notification)

Screenshot showing a search for Valsartan


For our web and HeartCloud MD app for providers (iPhone, iPad, MacOS)

Health data trends in green and red labels

Readings and Trends

Individual readings + day-to-day, week-to-week, and month-to-month trends

HeartCloud Sync app showing a segment bar for blood pressure, blood oxygen, and heart rate data above a blood pressure chart

Patient Portal Included

Patients have access to their data through secure apps (web, iPhone, and Apple Watch)

PHQ-9 rating scale answers

Digital Rating Scales

Remotely assess self-reported patient mood/therapy responses

Pink gradient heart to the left of Works With Apple Health text

Apple Health Ecosystem

Our platform's patient-specific iPhone and Apple Watch apps can upload all health, activity, or workout data stored in a patient's Health app on their iPhone

Telehealth visit with blood oxygen data


Built-in telehealth for our web, iPhone, and iPad apps lets clinicians see the patient and their health data at the same time

Screenshot showing assigned and unassigned devices

Manage Devices

Our platform makes it simple for practices to assign, re-assign, and un-assign devices to patients using our web and mobile apps

Screenshot showing movement disorder monitoring on HeartCloud Sync Apple Watch app

Movement Disorders

Remotely monitor Parkinsonian tremorsand dyskinesias with Apple Watch

For Clinicians

The primary application our customers use is this website, HeartCloud For Health Practices. It provides every tool your practice needs for remote patient monitoring, remote therapeutic monitoring, generating claims or claim attachments from patient digital health data, hosting telehealth appointments, ordering and managing devices, assigning and reviewing psychiatric rating scale scores, and more.

HeartCloud MD App

Download on the App Store

HeartCloud MD

With patient readings downloaded locally to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac, search results are almost literally instantaneous

Order, assign, un-assign, and manage patient devices

E-Prescribing, including for Schedule II controlled substances

Telehealth visits that show charts of patient readings alongside the audio and video connection

Receive SMS or more detailed Apple Push Notifications when patient readings exceed or drop below certain values

HeartCloud MD showing blood pressure on a silver iPad Pro

Coming soon for iOS and iPadOS 15 and 16 and MacOS 10.13 Ventura

Patient Portal Included

Download on the App Store

Each patient subscription includes a web-based patient portal,, and HeartCloud Sync, an app that helps patients visualize and upload readings from their iPhone's Apple Health app to HeartCloud.

Screenshot of blood pressure readings in red, orange, yellow, green, and blue with vertical lines annotating irregular heart rhythm at the time a blood pressure reading was taken

Additional Monthly Revenue

Why Monitor Digital Health Data? It Pays Monthly, Per Patient.

Remote patient monitoring is paid for by Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and private health insurance carriers.


Remote Patient Monitoring

  • $55.72 (CPT 99454)

    Patient measures physiologic data from an FDA-cleared device for at least 16 days in a 30-day billing cycle.

  • $50.18 (CPT 99457)

    A physician or staff member spends a combined 20 minutes reviewing and remotely discussing a patient's readings.

  • $40.84 (CPT 99458)

    Each extra 20 minutes (no cap) of only digital health data review

Scale Revenue Opportunity

Every month, health practices use our platform to take better care of patients and generate additional revenue for their practice. This is possible by logistical and operational tools built into our platform, informed by years of experience.

Getting Devices To Patients

Our blood pressure cuffs, weight scales, and sleep analysis mat use 4G LTE cellular connectivity, meaning that a patient's readings are automatically uploaded, over-the-air, without requiring any app or smartphone.

Order any device(s) directly from our software for delivery to a patient's residence or a provider's office

Any device shipped to patient's residence "works out of the box." Prior to delivery, each device is automatically linked to a specific patient's HeartCloud account.

Devices shipped to a practice office can be unassigned, ready to assign to a patient at any time through our software tools, or pre-assigned with the patient's HeartCloud account for in-person pickup.