Grow Practice Revenue On HeartCloud's Platform

Core Features


Remote Monitoring

See a more complete view of your patient’s health using real-world information from their Apple Watch's health and workout metrics, blood pressure cuffs, glucometers, weight scales, and more.



Improve efficiency in diagnosis and treatment by seeing the patient, medical records from external providers, and their digital health device data.


Cellular Devices

4G-enabled blood pressure cuffs or weight scales pre-configured to share data securely with your practice without the need for a smartphone or app

Order and ship to the patient's residence or a practice location


Data Sharing

Intuitive and secure ways for healthcare professionals to access their patients' physiologic and third party medical records



Automatic creation of claims and clinical notes attachments for remote monitoring services and telehealth appointments. Claims can be electronically submitted or exported to a CMS-1500 PDF and superbills can be exported and sent to a patient in seconds.



For practices that offer concierge medical services, our platform offers the ability to create custom prices for medical services, customize prices per provider, and charge patients one-time or recurring charges (e.g., a membership fee)

How It Works

Patients take measurements from any number of home-based devices

Apple Watch Series 6 Apple Watch
Glucometer Glucometers
Withings BPM Connect Blood Pressure Cuff BP Cuffs
Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeters
Withings Body+ Weight Scale Weight Scales
Withings Thermometer Thermometers

...these are uploaded to a patient's HeartCloud account directly or uploaded from Apple Health using our iOS app

iPhone 12 with HeartCloud Sync app

. . . and are made available to a HeartCloud for Health Practices account