Devices Integrated With HeartCloud's Platform:

Devices with 4G have built-in cellular network connectivity. That means that a patient does not need smartphone with an app, bluetooth, or WiFi at home to use it.

Blood Pressure Cuffs 4G

With built in cellular connectivity (5G, 4G, and 2G, depending on the device), the ability to remotely order and manage devices from the cloud, our blood pressure cuffs have a single button and can be used without an app or smartphone.

Body Composition Scales 4G

In addition to weight, capture fat and muscle mass, hydration, and muscle vs. fat levels in each arm and leg, plus visceral adiposity.

The new Withings Body Pro 2 with also measures electrochemical skin conductance and nerve health, and can remotely enable and disable the ability for patients to see body mass values.

Continuous Glucose Monitors

Our platform works directly with Dexcom and FreeStyle Libre. Patients only have to authenticate once into their CLARITY or LibreView accounts, and then HeartCloud maintains continuous glucose syncing with your clinic's app after that.

Both prescription-only CGMs and over-the-counter options like the Dexcom Stelo are supported.

Body Mass-Only Scales 4G

If your practice only needs a scale that simply measures body mass and uploads it automatically over 4G cellular, we offer 2 models that do just that (one that can weigh up to 600 lbs)

Oura Ring

Weeks-long battery life between charges, advanced sleep data tracking (including heart rate, heart rate variability, restlessness periods, and including time spent in REM, deep, and light sleep stages) tracking throughout the night, plus daily activity monitoring throughout the day, the Oura Ring is a powerful device that gives clinicians a thorough picture of a patient's day-to-day health and wellness.

Apple Watch

HeartCloud Sync, our combined app for iPhone and Apple Watch, automatically uploads data from Apple's HealthKit throughout the day. A practice can remotely enable and disable the health and activity data categories it wants to capture.

Tremors and Dyskinesias

HeartCloud Sync for Apple Watch integrates Apple's official Parkinsonian tremor and dyskinesia monitoring capabilities and automatically uploads them. Combined with an easy way for patients to log the exact time they took Sinemet (Carbidopa/Levadopa), minute-by-minute tracking of tremor strength within the 3 Hz to 7 Hz range provides neurologists with a powerful disease state management tools that can have a meaningful quality of life impact for their patients.

Sleep Monitors 4G

Built-in 4G cellular allows patient connectivity without requiring the patient to have or use a smartphone app, bluetooth, or WiFi.